Monday, June 11, 2012

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog

I am a self proclaimed dork.
I love trouble shooting guides, if only I would remember to use them.
Back in business.
I'll share some photos from the trip here and there like this one

The view from Niner Winery in Paso Robles.
Yep, thats a bocce court behind the massive fireplace.
But what I love is the mass of trees on the hillside that appear to grow in the shape of a heart.

Also went to the coast (had to dry out sometime from all that wine).

Hmmm. A tad bit foggy. And cold! Only 51 degrees on the coast thanks to all that fog.
A bit chilly after 97 degrees only 25 miles inland, the same day!

Ok. Thats all I'm posting for now, 'cuz who knows if this will post!
Crossing my fingers!

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