Tuesday, June 26, 2012


As I try not to hit the road before tomorrow morning for vacation #3
(I LOVE being a teacher and getting summers off)
I thought I would post a few updates.

Got Batik Quilt #1 bound (thanks mom!) and it is off to South Carolina
to a dear friend of my mom's.
Our visits to Ohio overlapped and I was able to present her with her quilt personally.
She was overwhelmed.
Makes me feel good to make someone so happy.

Those are my mom and dad's feet.
The swing set in the background is over 30 years old and a favorite of the neighborhood.
Every kid that has ever lived next door has spent as much time on it as
we did growing up. You just can't beat a good swing.

Met up with a girlfriend when I got back to sunny (hot) St Lou to get her her Ikea order.
(Yep, when I go to Ikea, I take several lists for others)
She surprised me with two things.

This tub with these great wonky log cabins I started YEARS AGO that I gave to her to do something with. Apparently that meant stashing them away and holding onto them
and surprising me with my own creations years (and 3 houses for her) later.
There is only the one big one, but there are another 15 of the small ones
to play with. I have an idea percolating.
Its nice that I had already mixed two different blacks as I don't think I have
any of either of them in my stash.

The second surprise really was a surprise.
She asked me to be a "maid" in her wedding party.
I'll be the oldest bridesmaid ever.
And it will be an honor.

Off to South Dakota for some hiking, biking, riding, (maybe) shooting,
and R&R.

I'm planning on stopping in at Sarah's Fabrics in Lawrence, KS on my way.
If I don't get distracted, I'll try to snap some pics and post later.
I hear it is an amazing shop!

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  1. To think I am the lucky recipient of the beautiful batik quilt! So much fun seeing the picture. You are amazing.


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