Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation #2

Ahhhhhhh, Ohio.
Here to visit friends and family and eat my fill of Handels ice cream.
And of course, going to Ikea this afternoon!
First stop was in Cleveland to visit my best friend from college.

Went for a hike in Hogback Park along (or through as my friend's daughter did) the Mill Creek.
Loads of pretty waterfalls and waterslides.
We had a great picinic on that ledge next to the waterfall.

Then went for a drive through "wine country" and checked out this 100 year old covered bridge
over the Grand River. It truely was Grand!
But then, as we were leaving the park we came across this:


After not sitting in one spot, we headed to the beach.
Yep, I said the BEACH.

For those geographically challenged, Ohio's northern border is Lake Erie.
That makes for a lot of beach in a Midwesternish state.
Picked up a bunch of lake/sea glass and a few interesting rocks.
I know it looks calm and harmless, but that lake has some serious undertow and the wind can really whip up the waves. Lots of people enjoying the beaches.

Heading out we drove through a time warp called Genevia-on-the-Lake.
Its a lake resort community with all the kitschiness you would imagine from the 1950's.
Cute little summer cottages, a main drag, people out and about everywhere.
I should have snapped some pics, but I was too busy looking to remember.

Today I'm off to the local Italian grocery that I love
and then to Ikea for some fun shopping.
I gave away some of my bags to my mother and her friend,
so much fun to share what I make.
I'll try to snap some pics of quilts as I am close to giving away two of the three batik quilts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Annie, it truly looks amazing!


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