Saturday, June 16, 2012


Went to the ballgame today.
What a show!
What struck me most wasn't the Champions Club we were in with its buffet and carving stations,
free beer and drinks and waitstaff and air conditioning if you so choose instead of cushioned seats in the shade.
It wasn't the manager getting ejected in the first over a possible blown call on a possible triple play
(so glad Matheny is our new manager!)
((later the catcher said the umps got the call right))
Or the homeruns by an energized team.
And it wasn't the thrill of the final pitches thrown by our closer for the win.
What struck me the most actually happened before the game.
There were over 300 hungry, chatty fans in the fancy party room along with servers of all kinds.
It was LOUD.
You almost had to shout to have a conversation.
And then down on the field a group of kids came out of the wagon gate to sing God Bless America.
The room quieted down, not silent, but more of a hum than loud din.
Then the kids sang The National Anthem.
And everyone in the room stopped.
And stood up.
And it was quiet.
And some even sang along.
And when the kids were done, we all clapped
even though we were inside and the kids couldn't hear our appreciation.
And that was really cool.

Oh, and the Cards beat the Royals 10-7.
A good game.

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  1. What a great game! Love that they all quieted down to hear the kids sing.


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