Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

Summer Solstice today around 11:15 Mountain time. Sure felt it... sunny and very warm (considering there's snow, more on that later). Headed into the park early to beat the crowds. Hiked up behind the Grand Prismatic Geyser, and wouldn't you know I would run in to people from Columbus, OH. Nice couple and kiddos, we shared the hike, each finding easier ways to get up the elk trails on the side of the mountain.

My little point and shoot camera has a decent zoom.

See that stretch of snow? Up near the top?  That's where I took the pic of the geyser. Pretty good hike.

This gal and her pals created a 10 mile long bison jam. I was more than happy to yield the right of way to them and not get gored. She walked within 3 feet of my car. I figured it was wise to avoid eye contact.

The volcano caldera/valley floor with the Rockies in the distance. 

On my way towards the East entrance. 64 degrees and 3-12 feet of snow.

These boys were hanging out streetside in the canyon leading out of Yellowstone to Cody.

Staying in the cute town of Lander, Wyoming tonight.  Had dinner at a local brew pub... surprisingly good food for the middle of nowhere (actually, the middle of the state). Staying at yet another motel, probably the worst of the bunch- nothing says cozy like cinderblock walls! But the price is right and it has free internet. On to Laramie in the morning, after a quick hike up to see the Sinks and Rise (local river flows hard into the side of a mountain, disappearing. It trickles back out 1/4 mile down the mountain into a gentle stream. Don't know what happens to all that water, but its pretty cool).

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