Friday, June 17, 2011

Montana Humor

I really think Montana is funny. Today I passed several bands of horses roaming freely along the roads, OUTSIDE of fencing. Then I realized, the fences are to keep them OUT. The horses must be free range horses (not wild, some had brands). The grey in the back was particularly eye catching.

Montana is quite proud of their forest fires, they even had turnouts and "exhibit" signs by huge swaths of burned forest.

But it's the road signs that I found most amusing.

 Really, Loose Gravel? There's another kind? Or maybe they meant "Easy Gravel", like in high school. I would have never know just by looking at it. Should we really be advertising its personal history?

Thanks for letting me know, but I think I can handle it. Or maybe its a reference to that gravel. I suppose when you're loose, there's a good chance you'll have a rough break ahead. Hope this isn't referring to how my trip/summer is going to go. I was kinda looking forward to a relaxing, fun summer.

My other favorite was "Fallen Rock". I guess we need to worry about the ones already down on the ground as opposed to the city bus sized boulders that might break off  the cliff, fall, and crush us as we drive by.  I was driving 70 (the posted speed limit) down mountains and didn't think it wise to stop to take photos, especially with the semi's breathing down my tailpipe.

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