Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just pulled into Missoula, staying with the niece of my mother's tennis partner.  Left the camera out in the car, so I'll upload photos later.  West Glacier was underwhelming after seeing East Glacier.  Most of it is Lake McDonald and lodgepole pine forests (a huge portion of which is still recovering from forest fires in 2003). And the Going to the Sun Road was definitely closed on that end as well.  Rained the whole day so no hiking, and very little wildlife activity. Just not near as spectacular as the Easter side. Wish I could go back in August when the Sun Road is not snowed in.  Someday. Drove to Missoula in the rain.  Stopped at a winery (yup, in Montana!) and had a free tasting of wine and ice cream.  Nice people. We will see what tonight brings with dinner and a free rest. I'll explore Missoula a bit tomorrow then on towards Yellowstone.  Free admission on Tuesday. Then head towards Laramie I suppose... or maybe stay in Yellowstone a couple of days. There were some hikes I wanted to do last time I was there that we didn't do.

OH! There's no sales tax in Montana! Not that I've bought much, but still. Its great!

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