Friday, June 24, 2011


The car managed to gimp into Laramie and up the mountain to spend the day hiking the rocks of Vedauwoo. Spent the afternoon being a mountain goat, up and over and around boulders the size of city buses. There were a couple of groups doing real climbing way up high on the shear faces. I'll stick to the lower stuff without the ropes and harnesses and helmuts and high degree of you can die. Had fun visiting with friends, wish I could have stayed a few more days.

I walked under that boulder without ducking my head.

Sunset on Lodgepole Mountain. Always spectacular.
One of my favorite things to do when I'm up on the mountain is to sit on the deck or at the table and watch for the deer, elk, or moose to wander into the yard. No such luck this time. But on the way out in the early morning light, 6 huge elk (4 with good sized racks) led me out the road almost to the highway. Wasn't able to snap a photo because of the lighting and the quickness, and frankly I was too busy just watching them. But they were gorgeous and majestic and powerful, and it was nice of them to see me off.

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